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CPA offers a U12 Youth program.  The Youth program is a developmental program that offers younger athletes an opportunity to have a more relaxed introduction to the sport of volleyball.  The atmosphere is geared towards skill development, fun, and teamsmanship.   This is done without the higher competition level of tournaments. The team will practice twice a week with a few mixed in scrimmages against other U12 Youth Development teams.  There will be one larger scrimmage tournament mid March.

The age requirement for the U12 Youth is the same as the U12 program, under 12 years old, ranging from 8-12.  Many players are newer to the sport or are multi-sport athletes unable to yet make the time commitment to the more rigorous schedule of the 12s teams.

The 2015 U12 Youth team is coached by Jill Benson, with help from Youth Mentor Coach Faith Lynch.


2018 CPA 12 Youth

Scrimmages and tournaments

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